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If There Is A Will There Is A Way

A plethora of professions are now available today in compared to the days of our long gone ancestors. Due to the variety of professions, there is so much pressure to make and educate individuals to fill in the job vacancies. A doctor is one of the highest paid professions together with a lawyer and high end businessmen. To become a doctor one requires obtaining a degree in medicine. It is usually a five to six year course and it is considered the most expensive course in compared to other fields and subjects. Just because one obtains a degree in medicine does not mean becoming a doctor is the only option. There are so many professions one could set foot on just by having this qualification. Given below are the many professions one cold consider working as. 

Becoming a doctor

There are various types of doctors from cardio surgeons to the paediatrician. After gaining ones bachelors in medicine it requires another 2-3 years of study in the field of one’s interest. Only then can one work as a specified doctor. One must also work in hospital for about 6 months as an intern. For example if one is a podiatrist Geelong then one must work in a hospital in that city for a few month to gain exposure and experience.

Podiatrist Geelong is a profession in demand as it is mainly considered with lower extremity such as the foot and ankle. Becoming a doctor will of course be very fruitful as one can earn a very high salary. Read this article to find out the right foot doctor.

Usually doctors work in private or government hospitals but one could open one’s own clinic to make the profits much higher. But for this one has to go through so many procedures to get the approval for running a private clinic.

Becoming a professor

Apart from becoming a doctor, one could consider becoming a professor at a high end university. It is a very stress free job that pays well but not as high as the salary a doctor earns. One could even become a dean of a university which is a much higher post that can be gained after years of being in the education sector.

Becoming a researcher

Becoming a researcher is also a very smart idea. Because it is a booming field and the future holds a lot of interest towards it. One could choose ones favourite area to research on and it will be funded by either the government or a NGO. Along with the research one could also get ones further qualification in a field by studying for PhD.

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