4 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

Planning a wedding can be the most exciting yet daunting task, especially when it is your own. You tend to have thousand and one competing ideas of what you want your day to look like or different aspects of the wedding like the venue decoration, bridal party, the food, the music and so on. Making sure they all sync and follow one theme is the hard part. So here are some indispensable planning tips to help you gather all your ideas and execute an impeccable wedding.

Guests First, Then Venue

Before selecting a venue, it is important to have a rough idea of the number of guests you will invite. You need to make sure there is ample space for each guest and they are not cramped up. Depending on the number, you can proceed to settling on a venue. Make sure to prioritize the guests into several tiers, starting off with family, close relatives, best friends and so on. If cuts must be made to arrive at the ideal number, start from the bottom of the list.

Choosing the Right Bridal Party

How do you narrow down the people you want standing closest to you on your big day? Do you pick family, friends or a mix of both? The best tip here would be to pick a mix of people who will get along well and add value to the wedding. Once the hard part is over, the next would be to determine their attire. This includes everything from bridesmaid clutches to groomsmen’s bowties.

Pick the Date Wisely

Deciding on the perfect day can be a difficult task, especially if your desired venue seems to be blocked out on all your preferred dates. Public holidays, local charity runs and large trade events are also other things to consider as it could affect the traffic and hotel availability. Weather conditions also greatly impact the type of wedding setting. If you are interested about gold clutch bag you can visit this website https://www.olgaberg.com/collections/bags/gold.

Set the theme or wedding setting

This is probably the most time-consuming decision one is expected to make when it comes to their wedding. Couples are spoilt for choice as there are so many different themes to choose from. This sets the tone for all other aspects of the wedding, from decoration to outfits of the bridal party to the guests’ attire. For example, a perfectly traditional or classic wedding will require lady guests to buy fascinator hats whereas a more contemporary wedding calls for flowy gowns and stilettoes. These are four key primary decisions every couple needs to make before moving on to planning other details such as the menu, music band and table layouts.

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