Men\\\’s Fashion Trends To Look Out For In The Coming Years

As you can see there are many ways to stay fashionable on a budget.

Sometimes it may seem men are not all that fashion conscious, but if you really look closely at their wardrobe, you’ll find clothing of similar colour, texture or even patterns. Though they may not realise that exactly is what fashion is all about. It doesn’t really have to be extravagant or over the top. So let’s look at some of the trendier items that are taking the men’s fashion world by storm. May be you will find something that will suite your taste as well. 

Matching colour tones

Opposite colours or complimentary colours work well, but this season a lot in the fashion world are talking about dressing in the same colour or matching the same tone. There are more choice options available in this trend and men would really like this option as they more or less go all black in their suits more often. You may also have a few good mens clothing items that can be paired to make suits in tonal colouring, for an example an all pastel shade look or all navy blue. They can work well for formal and informal occasions.


They are back and this time all vertical. They are popular and fast becoming the most sought after pattern when it comes to men’s clothing. You will see them on all types of clothing from t shirts to bomber jackets. However over use can make you look as if you are in your pyjamas, therefore some discretion has to be taken. Experts say the key to pulling off this look is to maintain only one clothing item with stripes at a time. Mix and match it with other solid coloured items and you are good to go.


They are making a comeback, and this time there is more room for the legs. The comeback version is not fussy and has a cleaner cut with light colouring. They are more about functionality and comfort and more men are seen wearing these than the pencil thin tighter versions. You can easily pair them with t shirts or even rm Williams footwear.

Stripes on pants

Another trendy item seen in men’s fashion is the long ago taboo side stripe on pants. These are making a great comeback thanks to the athleisure craze that is taking the markets by storm. Athletic wear re made with a casual or dressy sense in mind is becoming a big market for the side striped pants. Pair them with your favorite trainers and a fitting top and you are ready for your casual outings. These are some of the trends that are taking the fashion market by storm, so look out for them if you are planning on tweaking your wardrobe this season.

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